Okay so where do you exactly draw the line when dealing with the ultimate customonster?  Here are some tips we found and thought were pretty good and had to give them props on it… Rebel Brown wrote this article titled “The Customer is Not Always Right.”

Customers are wrong when:

  • They are abusive, nasty, angry or worse, for no reason other than fear of change.  That’s rude.
  • They attack any and every idea you offer – even when you mirror their own ideas back to them. That’s just plain cantankerous.
  • They refuse to work with you in good faith to help solve their problem, preferring to complain. That’s stubborn.
  • They fib about their situation – either to protect themselves or attack you.  That’s out of integrity.
  • They play the passive/aggressive game, agreeing to a solution then changing their minds and wanting more or different responses from you, again and again. That’s being a PITA.

“Yes customers deserve the best support you can provide.  When customers are professional and fair – they deserve the best.  But when customers step across the lines above, it’s time to take a hard look at whether you really want to be a business partner with them.  Ask yourself – what are your chances of success with this customer.  Will they be, or are they, really profitable?  If the answer is “slim to none”, move on!

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Rebel Brown….bravo my friend, bravo.