Well this past Saturday we had the privilege of helping the gang at Manatee Baseball put on a home run derby for the kids at Big Brothers and Big Sisters in southwest FL.  It was hot, we were all sweating bullets but it was totally worth it.

We always love working with kids whether it’s coaching, mentoring or just hanging out with them but it just gets better every time. Things we think are important in life are not really all that important most of the time but you know what is?  Making a kid smile. So many kids these says want to just be loved and have someone who is there for them and that’s not asking much.  

If we can encourage you to be a part of changing a kids life then that’s more important to us then anything we do (even though we LOVE helping businesses).  It doesn’t have to be Big Brothers Big Sistersnecessarily either, there are tons of organizations out there that help kids so get involved and make a difference in their life because we guarantee it will make a difference in yours.

Check out more photos from the event right here.