I was going about my day today and had to make a quick run to pick up some office supplies and there was a beacon of light right in front of me “Starbucks.”  So I got everything I needed, checked out and headed over there to pick up a lovely nonfat peppermint latte that was calling my name.  Yes, it’s like Christmas in a cup if you were wondering. 

As I was ordering there was a lady standing there decked out in a suit who thought she was something let’s just say.  When I got done ordering I heard the Starbucks employee apologizing to the suit lady about not cinnamon on top of the whip cream.  She then fails to say that she wanted it completely redone because it was already starting to melt (hmm maybe because you took too long complaining about the specks of cinnamon that weren’t there, just a thought).  She keeps yelling at the employee until she says “okay mam I will make you a completely new one, I am so sorry about that.” 

By this time my mouth was just to the floor and I even lost my appetite for my Christmas in a cup latte which never happens.  The suit lady turns and looks at me like I ate her McNuggets while she wasn’t looking so it led me to do what I had to do… I pulled out a Business Beware sticker that says “the customer is not always right” and I set it down on the counter as I told the employee “thank you and have an awesome day.”  As I walk away I watch the suit lady walk back up to the counter to get her newly cinnamon speckled frapp and she sees the sticker…she gives me another look and I just smile.  And for the record I would have totally stolen her McNuggets…

Bad customers are everywhere, even at Starbucks.  Bad customers are like bad apples and at Business Beware we are bobbing for bad apples as we like to say.