We live in a society where kids think if they don’t have a reality show of their own by the age of 30 then they’re a failure.  Society makes kids believe that they have to go to school, get good grades and that lands them the perfect job…. Right.

Show Recap:

Great show this past Saturday where we had some articles we talked about that we found across the internet where people said “the customer is not always right” but then failed to say “even if the customer is impractical you must treat them right.”  Yeah we are scratching our heads on that one too.  We are here to expose these “experts of people” who write stuff about customers always being right but have no idea what they’re talking about or how to run an actual business.

We also talked with one of our favorite people (who was back by popular demand) Scott Gerber from AskGerber.com and he has a book coming out in December – “Never Get a Real Job.”  This guy is a no BS type of guy just like us and he is the real deal.  He is getting Gen Y off their butts and making a new wave of entrepreneurs to come in and set the tone.  Old school ways are gone…

Scott’s Interview

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Ashley’s Dugout:

Once again we will be broadcasting live this coming Saturday (July 31st) at the home run derby that Big Brothers Big Sisters and Manatee Baseball are putting together for kids in the southwest FL region.  Get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and make a kids day by just showing them some love.

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