Have you ever noticed how many customers talk about the bad and not really about the good?  They may love your brand new coffee and say “I will spread the word for you!”  While others loved the coffee but didn’t like how your service (and maybe because you were so packed they didn’t get their coffee in 1 minute like they expect).

Unhappy customers are now not only telling everyone they know but also telling the world as we know to be: Google.  There was a great article posted by PR-Squared.com “Happy Customers Tell 3 Friends, Unhappy Customers Tell Google.”

This is a great point in the article: “It’s the I-Feel-Ignored customers that you need to be the most wary of; they will make it their mission to shame the brand into a public response.”

There are so many customers out there like this and these are the kind you HAVE to pre-qualify. If you don’t you will be sorry…