We discussed this not too long ago on the show about an article we found by Thomas Alan Gray that discusses the 5 types of complaining customers.  So we thought we would share it with those who missed out on our discussion…

The Meek Customer

This customer prefers to avoid confrontation and may not complain directly.  However, they will tell friends and relatives, may comment on a blog or web forum or may post the complaint on Facebook or other social media networking sites.

The Aggressive Customer

“Opposite of the Meek Customer.  Readily complains, often loudly and at lengths.”  These folks enjoy confrontation, and will often seek large audience as a manipulative behavior.  Many aggressive customers also engage in a sort of business blackmail.

The High-Roller Customer

This customer “Expects the absolute best and is willing to pay for it.”  Complaints are likely to be offered in a reasonable, even logical manner.

The Rip-Off Customer

Some businesses call this type “The Extortionist.”  The goal of the Rip-Off, Wysocki points out, “is not to get the complaint satisfied but rather to win by getting something the customer is not entitled to receive.”  In other words, it’s a form of blackmail or extortion.  “A constant and repetitive “not good enough” response to efforts to satisfy this customer is a sure indicator of a rip-off artist.

The Chronic Complainer Customer

This type of customer is never satisfied.  There is always something wrong.  No matter how often the service department fixes it.  It’s never done properly, or something else has gone wrong.  This customer’s mission is to whine.

Have you ever dealt with one of these types of customers?