Have you noticed the way customers use social media, forums, blogs etc. to blast a company and especially about customer service? 

It’s almost ridiculous how many customers use twitter to rant about how bad a business is.  If you do a search for “bad customer” on twitter the only thing that comes up is “bad customer service.”  I kid you not.  And it’s stupid things like “I had to wait 5 minutes to get my coffee, this customer service sucks!” or “I had a guy tell me I couldn’t have a free meal because my coupon was expired.”  I mean really?

Here is something I thought was interesting too.  This is what came up when I searched “fire a customer”

“There is only 1 boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Customers are taking every chance they get to talk about a business whether good or bad.  Be prepared to say something or respond and you definitely should care what is being said about you, don’t ignore it.  But also if you have “idiots” that post things, believe me if someone is smart enough they will realize that they’re an idiot.  Just say to them “I’m sorry you’re an idiot, feel free to never visit our store again.”

Has a customer ever blasted you on the internet via social media?