Why do you think it’s great to have support groups for businesses?  Because nothing is better than to learn from others that are in your shoes or those that have been there…

Show Recap:

We had a great show this past Saturday (7-10-10) where we talked about the importance of being a part of support groups when you are an entrepreneur, business owner, contractor etc.  Business Beware is a support group and where you can help out fellow business owners too.  And speaking of support groups, we interviewed Scott Trenery who is the founder and CEO of HardHatCity.com Scott told us all about how and why they created this great site for businesses.  It’s also a huge support system, especially for contractors from all over.  Make sure and check them out and sign up with their site, it’s free!

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Ashley’s Dugout:

Don’t forget we will be broadcasting live at the home run derby that Manatee Baseball is putting on for the Big Brothers Big Sister program of Southwest FL.  It’s July 31st from 10-1.  For more information on how to participate or help out visit bbbssun.org or manateebaseball.com

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