Upcoming Show with Sarah Shaw – 7/3/10

Guess who is coming back on the show because everyone just loved her?  Yep, that would be the lovely Sarah Shaw from Entreprenette.com 

She is all about “taking the first step” where you take your idea and make it a reality.  So many have something great but never take that first step.  She really focuses on helping women get their foot in the door by even helping them get their products in magazines, TV, movies and more.  Sarah has so much to offer entrepreneurs of all ages and she is such a wonderful person to talk to so we are pumped to talk with her this Saturday on the show again.  Tune into the show at 11am (est).  Call in with questions for Sarah or for us with the show at 941.955.0930 or if you’re a little shy feel free to send us an email at info[at]businessbewareradioshow.com  If you are out of the listening area feel free to watch us via ustream.tv live in the studio up in the top right of the website.  And of course if you completely miss the show because you’re out enjoying your weekend then you can always download our shows on iTunes, BlogTalkRadio or of course listen to them right here on the site. 

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