Show Recap:

Great show this past Saturday (6/26/10) where we discussed how to deal with your difficult customers and why you should not be afraid of firing that customer that you just cannot please.   Why do you need Business Beware you ask?  Wouldn’t  you want to know if a customer had problems with other businesses in the past too?

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Special Guest: We had special guest, Melinda Knight, chat with us about her online network for women entrepreneurs called It’s a great support system for women entrepreneurs and inventors that are trying to get their foot in the door and get their product out in front of others, so make sure and check out Melinda’s great site.

Ashley’s Dugout:

July 31st we will be broadcasting live out a home run derby sponsored by for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  For more information about the event and how to participate click here.

“Stuck on Stupid”

A professor from the University of Florida wrote an article about customers and how you should treat them… (will post soon)

All we can say is….

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