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How many times have you had a customer you just could not please?  Did you fire them?  If you didn’t, why not?  You should fire bad customers because they cost you money for one and a whole lot of headaches if you don’t.  We discuss why you should fire your bad customers and how Business Beware can help you warn businesses about these certain customers.

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Special Guest was Cd Vann from and UnGeeked Elite.  She talked with us about how to brand your company and how to get involved in social media.  Social media is such an important tool for even the small business owner and to show the business’s personality.

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Ashley’s Dugout:

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“Stuck on Stupid”

Email from Dave in TX: “You can’t tell people to fire customers that is a load of “poop.”  I have never had to fire a customer and the customer is always right…”    (to find out what we said about this listen to the show…)

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